The Podcast

Where’s My Mind is a podcast where mental illness is discussed with the same candor and bluntness as sex is during a Sex and the City brunch scene, but with more diverse participants. Kimberly Rolfs and Rena Barch met while learning to make coffee, not realizing that latte art would become a conduit for discussing everything from depressive episodes to avoiding talking truth to their therapists. In this long form podcast, we discuss the highs, the lows, and the very real in-between. We’ll interview people from all background and communities to provide a full spectrum perspective of what it’s like to live with a mental illness.

The Hosts


Kimberly Rolfs

a writer, actor, producer, digital marketer, and the creator of the award winning narrative web series Life or Death, Basically, a romantic comedy about a young woman falling in love while dealing with borderline personality disorder.

Kimberly was diagnosed with BPD when she was nineteen, and in the past several years has become an outspoken advocate for accurate and compassionate representation of mental illness in the media. She is currently in postproduction for another series centered around mental illness and the mental healthcare system, and uses her social media as a way to share openly about her continuing mental health journey.

Rena Barch

a qualitative researcher, design strategist, and writer. The common thread in her career is a curiosity for people’s stories, manifested in research and interviewing.

She has struggled with depression on and off since she was 5 years old, but ironically was only diagnosed after the death of her Ukrainian Jewish mother who insisted no daughter of hers could ever be depressed.

Though not active on social media, Rena often gets involved in conversations about mental health, therapy, and antidepressants with cab drivers, with the next person in line at the coffee shop, or literally anyone who asks.